Forum Prompt #2 (Assignment #4)

Grading: FC, PC, NC (Full credit, partial credit, no credit)

Forum Prompt #2 / Assignment 4: The dystopian texts we have read so far describe hyper-regimented spaces, top-down surveillance, and the loss of privacy. Find a comparable example of such a thing in contemporary culture and write one paragraph (approximately 200 words) about its significance. Include a link to your topic.

Once you have proofed and polished your paragraph, submit it (and your link) in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

Note that there is sometimes a slight delay between your posting and its publication.  Always keep a back up of your work.  And, if for any reason you are not comfortable sharing your work on the forum, email it to me at



  1. Jasmine McCray · September 12, 2015

    In the movie, Furious 7, there is a program called “God’s Eye,” which was created so the government, most specifically the armed forces, could track and listen in on terrorists. This relates to the idea of top-down surveillance, the type where citizens have no knowledge that they are being watched or listened in on during private conversations. This program could also locate any individual in the world, just by using satellite. In the movie, it was repeated numerous times how unfortunate it would have been for a villain to get their hands on such a program; however, one could speculate how problematic it is to have the government to take away the privacy of its people, without anyone being aware. A program like this does exist today, where “trigger words” in phone conversations send off red flags to the authorities. One could argue that it would only be matter of time before these kinds of resources are used to keep citizens from having free will.

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